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Admission Process

When to Apply?

GGIS operates a year-round rolling admissions policy.
We will consider applications for the current school year at any time.
Please contact the registrar at or call the school for more information.

Applications are accepted for the upcoming school year any time, but we do not process these applications until the beginning of January. New students are encouraged to apply early. There are no deadlines for applications for the upcoming school year, but classes may be full as early as April 15.

If the appropriate grade-level class is full, a student may be placed on a waiting list. Only students who have completed the application process and have been accepted are put on a waiting list.

We welcome you to arrange for a day-long student visit. Please contact the registrar if you would like to schedule one. The Application Form and Parental Permission Form is required for day visits.


Step 1: Apply online for 2017-2018 school year

Do not hesitate to call the registrar's office if you have any questions or are unable to apply online.

The application process requires the submission of the following:

  • completed Online Application Form
  • transcripts and/or previous school information, with a recommendation

    1. Report cards or transcripts from the last 3 years of schooling (when applicable).
      Academic, behavioral, disciplinary, and social information is taken into consideration for acceptance into GGIS. Please submit progress reports, special achievements or awards, if available. If these documents are not in English or in Hungarian a certified translation is required.
    2. Results from any standardized testing
    3. Confidential Teacher Recommendation Form for grades 1-12 from the previous educational institution. The previous school needs to send this directly to the GGIS.
  • preschool questionnaire (if applicable)

Please upload only scanned documents, do not email photos taken by cameras or phones.

Step 2: Schedule a screening/testing and an applicant/family interview

The interview is the last step in the application process and can be scheduled online or by calling or emailing the registrar. If screening or testing is required, this is typically scheduled on the same day, if possible.

The family interview usually takes at least 30 minutes. Younger siblings need not attend, but are always welcome. Please arrange for a translator if needed. While you are able to schedule your interview before we receive all the supporting documents, we will reach out to you to reschedule if we do not have a completed file two days before the scheduled interview date. We are typically able to make admissions decisions with 48 hours of the interview.

Step 3: Registration

After the parent receives notification of acceptance, the registrar's office will assist the parent with preparing the additional documents required for registration. Please submit all of the following documents (Please upload only scanned documents: do not upload pictures taken by cameras or phones)

    When all required forms and documents have been submitted the parent will receive a notification email from the finance office that the registration process can take place. All steps of the registration process must be completed before a student may attend school.

Registration includes the following steps:

  1. Submit all required documents

    1. Registration Form
    2. Copy of identification document of the parents/guardians (passport or residency permit or birth certificate or személyi igazolvány) – for the parent who will sign the Educational Agreement
    3. Copy of identification document of the child (passport or residency permit or birth certificate or személyi igazolvány)
    4. Copy of immunization records in English or with international abbreviations
    5. Copy of parent's address card in Hungary (lakcímkártya or tartózkodási hely igazolás or an official verification from the Immigration Office, that obtaining legal residence in Hungary is in the process) for the parent who signs the Educational Agreement
    6. Copy of student's address card in Hungary (lakcímkártya or tartózkodási hely igazolás - or an official verification from the Immigration Office, that obtaining legal residence in Hungary is in the process)
    7. Copy of student's health insurance documents (TAJ kártya for Hungarians)
  2. Sign the Educational Agreement
  3. Pay the registration fee. A registration fee is due at the time of registration. This fee is part of the total fees of education and refundable until July 31st. Email the finance office at or call GGIS at +36 1 275-4795 to make a registration appointment or for bank transfer information.

Step 4: Enrollment and Student Orientation

Welcome to GGIS! An orientation meeting will take place on the first day of the school year or on the day the student will start school during the course of the school year. During orientation the student will receive his/her schedule, books, homework planner, student manual etc. Students and parents will be presented with login access to our online curriculum and grade management system called Jupiter ED. With Jupiter Ed, students and parents are able to check grades, view homework, and communicate with teachers.

Greater Grace International School is a wonderful institution and the warmth and passion of your staff is clearly evident.

George H. Walker

Ambassador, Embassy of the U.S.A.

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