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Upper Elementary Grades 4 to 6

The Upper Elementary curriculum shifts to the Shurley English Program in grade 4. The teaching methods and materials used provide students with strong language and communication skills, with grammar, reading, writing and speaking skills incorporated in every lesson. Students continue to develop computational and problem solving skills with Saxon mathematics. The study of Latin is introduced in grade 5 and continues through to grade 6. Check out the Latin link for more information about this great program. A Beka materials are used for most of the Bible, Science and Social Studies classes, with the introduction of World Studies in Grade 6 setting a strong foundation in geographical literacy for exploring world cultures and history in the upper grades. These students also enjoy two music classes, two art lessons, and two gym classes each week.

Grade 4

Students continue to build a strong literacy base using the highly innovative and interactive Shurley English program. While this program works exceptionally well for all our students, students with English as a second language really benefit from the strong connections established between grammar, writing and speaking. Saxon mathematics continues to build numeracy and problem solving abilities: view the scope and sequence for specifics. In Social Studies, students study the European discovery and exploration of North and South America, European pioneer settlements in the new World, British colonies, and the History of the USA.

Grade 5

With the grade 5 content area textbooks such as the European history and geography texts becoming a bigger part of the student's daily reading diet, students learn how to read and use non-fiction, informational texts to acquire knowledge- in both guided and independent settings. In addition to this, there is a strong emphasis in our English curriculum in regards to writing. Students in the the fifth grade will be familiar with the steps, both in theory and practice, in writing a research paper. Important study habits and skills are taught and practiced, preparing them for the middle and high school classes. In grade 5 we begin Latin instruction, to both enrich the study of English and History, and to prepare students for the study of additional languages such as French and Spanish.

Grade 6

Much is expected from our Grade 6 students, with study skills becoming a critical component of academic success. Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are practiced extensively, with critical thinking and problem solving activities featured across the curriculum.

We were in sum, more than pleased with GGIS, and we would not hesitate to recommend the school and sing its praises.

John & Marija Fogarasi

U.S. Embassy June, 2000

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