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Preschool (Age 4)

After a rigorous licensing process GGIS opened the doors of its new Preschool in September 2011. The modern, bright and colorful facility combined with the professional and loving staff provide the perfect environment for the young, enthusiastic learners. In preschool children build skills and confidence through various artistic activities such as games, songs, movement, art and creative expression. They learn about cause-and-effect relationships and self-expression in an encouraging atmosphere conducive to their individual growth and development. Sharing, cooperating and taking turns teaches them the importance of being a team player. We provide child directed center time for children to explore language, literacy, math, science, art and biblical stories, and they are introduced to basic academic concepts such as letter and number recognition.

Not surprisingly, toward the end of our stay, we were joined by some other embassy parents who all said, "if only we had known about your program earlier!"

John & Marija Fogarasi

U.S. Embassy June, 2000

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