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Mission / Vision / Educational Philosophy

GGIS Mission

To provide a high-quality education in the English language equipping students physically, spiritually and academically, by teaching and demonstrating through a Biblical worldview.

GGIS Vision

We would like to maintain the momentum created by the accreditation process and continue to upgrade our facility, improve all academic programs, and provide ongoing professional development for our teachers and administrators. At the same time, we want our school to be filled with the Life of God in a way that impacts every soul who walks our hallways: staff, students, parents, visitors. Alongside of academic excellence, our vision is that every student will be changed by that Life.

Educational Philosophy

Greater Grace International School is more than just a school – it has HEART. More than just a school, we are like a family. Our experienced and caring teachers reveal the life and love of Jesus Christ in their relationships with the students and the parents. The following verses from Proverbs 3 are a daily objective in every classroom: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. We recognize that wisdom is prized above academic knowledge: Happy is the man that finds wisdom, and the man that gets understanding. As an international school, our parents expect a world-class education to prepare their child for the college and career path of their choice. Because our students come to us from very diverse homes, differing educational backgrounds, and varied levels of English language ability, our teachers must work hard to engage and challenge each child as a unique learner. Small class sizes allow for individualized instruction and increase the teacher-student interaction so vital to academic motivation and success. We endeavor to provide extremely language-rich classrooms: with many of our students being non-native English speakers, teachers imbed vocabulary instruction and speaking opportunities into every lesson.

Every academic and behavioral objective, every athletic event and dramatic performance, every field trip and community outreach, every essay and oral report is designed to prepare our students for a purposeful life characterized by excellence and success. Our prayer is that each student will leave GGIS with not only the education, maturity and experience they need for their next step in life, but also an eternal value system so that by God’s grace, they will become adults who make eternal impacts on their generation.

The excellence of her academic experience - which, with your emphasis on fundamentals, was truly superb - was exceeded only by the caring nature of the environment in which it was delivered. The school embodies Christian values in everything it does.

E. Patricia Espey-English

Marketing Director for Central Europe AT&T

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