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Middle School Grades 7 and 8

The middle-school years mark a significant transition from elementary school to high school. Personal discipline and organization become increasingly important as students move from class to class. The amount of homework increases, and behavioral and academic expectations are higher. All of our middle school coursework is designed to prepare our students for a college-prep course load in high school. Students in these grades who have not achieved a very high level of English proficiency will require intensive EAL instruction in order to advance and succeed in high school coursework.

Grade 7

These students continue to work with the Shurley English program, with grammar, language skills and writing taught creatively and practiced systematically all year long. Students are expected to complete specific outside reading during the year, including novels such as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Bronze Bow, and Shane. Students benefit from the strong reading and writing support embedded in the World Studies texts, which focus on the history, culture and geography of two distinct regions: Europe and Russia, and Asia and the Pacific. The Saxon Math course (8/7 with Pre-Algebra) features an integrated and distributed instructional plan which helps all students achieve mastery of the standards by building in time to learn, time to process, and time to practice. The grade 7 course focuses on the algebra concept of linear relationships including ideas about proportional relationships. Students learn to understand the relationship of equations to their graphs, as well as to tables and contextual situations for linear functions. In addition, work in algebra extends into simplifying and solving simple expressions and equations. The main concept from geometry in grade seven is similarity of polygons, which also draws on ideas about proportion. Students apply their understanding of ratio in data based situations. Science for grade 7 Is a physical science course using A Beka Science: Order and Reality. Students are introduced to the scientific method and encouraged to apply it throughout the course. They are given a fascinating study of soil science, plants, the human body, principles of physical science, atmospheric science, the weather, classification, microscopy, Creation, and insects. In computer class, students practice typing with a goal of reaching 30 words per minute with an accuracy of at least 85%. Students learn the basics of computer hardware, software,data processing and computer applications.

Grade 8

The Shurley English continues to provide rich and varied opportunities for students to practice the sort of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and thinking strategies they will need for high school and beyond. Novels read in the 8th grade include such classic titles as Call of the Wild, Treasure Island, and The Hiding Place. Students begin the first of two year-long courses in World History, with grade 8 covering the dawn of civilization through to the Renaissance. In Math, students take Algebra 1. Students take a General Science course in Grade 8, which covers such topics as the scientific method, designing experiments, simple machines, archaeology, geology, paleontology, biology, and human anatomy and physiology. During Computer classes, students learn to work in the Windows environment, effectively utilizing the different features offered by Microsoft Office to satisfy the basic needs for office computing. With typing skill one of the GGIS graduation requirements, students' typing level is tested once a quarter. Students should reach the speed of 30 words per minute correctly typed, along with at least the accuracy of 85%.

Few teachers are as excellent as to love all of their students enough to help, guide, and mentor them patiently and correctly. Yet at GGIS, all teachers are like this.

Janos Barbero

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