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High School Grades 9-12

High school students at GGIS take 4 years of core classes in English, Science, Math, and Social Studies. Bible is also taught daily, with a weekly chapel and various after-school opportunities for spiritual development. Students study Latin in grades 9 and 10, with the additional opportunity to study the foreign language of their choice using highly-effective Rosetta Stone software. Computer classes develop students proficiency with project -based applications of Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint . Electives such as Art History, Drama, and College and TOEFL Prep are available as allowed. Sports and class trips are also a big part of the students’ high school years.

English/Language Arts

Students in grades 9-12 use the innovative and standards-based curriculum Mirrors and Windows: Connecting with Literature: Common Core States Edition. This program is built on a collection of rich, diverse, and timeless writings by renowned, award-winning authors. Using a gradual release of responsibility approach to reading, students achieve deeper comprehension of the material and a greater appreciation of literary genres. The lessons emphasize writing skills, revising and editing skills, and reading skills. Incorporated into the curriculum is vocabulary instruction from Greek and Latin roots, complementing the formal study of Latin in grades 5-10.


GGIS uses the rigorous and highly-rated Saxon math program, with a college-prep high school tract of Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and regular or AP Calculus. Saxon math features a spiral curriculum, with an incremental, building block approach to mastering math skills. The result is that all students have time to learn, process and master each topic, achieving conceptual understanding and building a strong foundation of the big mathematical ideas. You can view a short video about the unique strengths of this teaching approach here. An AP Statistics course is offered in grades 11 and 12.


The goal of our science program is not merely content acquisition and scientific literacy, but to provide students an enduring understanding of the order of God’s universe. The grade 9 Physical Science course includes topics such as the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, weather, the structure of the earth, environmentalism, the physics of motion, Newton’s Laws, gravity, and astrophysics. We have chosen the highly readable Apologia Physical Science book as our primary text for this course, which is complemented by on-line resources and hands-on lab experiments. The grade 10 course is Biology, and the core text is the Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology. This course is designed as a college-prep biology course, providing students with a strong foundation in the vocabulary, methods and concepts of general biology. Topics covered include: the five-kingdom classification scheme, microscopy, biochemistry, cellular biology, molecular and Mendelian genetics, evolution, dissection, and ecosystems. The 11th grade studies Chemistry, the study of matter and its interactions. At GGIS this course introduces the student to fundamental concepts of chemistry by providing real-world connections to chemical concepts and processes. In 2017-18 school year this will be an AP Chemistry course. In the 12th grade, we offer either a AP Physics or a Conceptual Physics course. Both are excellent courses for our university-bound students, providing a solid conceptual and mathematical understanding of physical principles ranging from classical mechanics to modern physics.

Social Studies

We have a truly international student body, and have developed a social studies curriculum to address the needs of of our unique student population. The two year study of World History ends in grade 9, with a Modern World History course that spans from the 1500’s until present day. Grade 10 students take a comprehensive American History course, with care taken to place the growth of the America nation into both a Christian and international perspective. The 11th grade takes a year-long course in Cultural Anthropology, exploring world views from a Christian perspective using the book Understanding the Times as a primary text. In grade 12, students take a year long course in Economics.

I could always count on my teachers (or the librarian, the office staff, anyone) to provide helpful and patient assistance, and I think this rubs off on the students.

Janos Barbero

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