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English as an Additional Language

Does your child speak very little or no English? How will he catch up with the rest of his classmates who have already learned English or are native speakers? This is not a problem at GGIS. The GGIS English as an Additional Language Program has been developed with the goal of advancing students into mainstream classes within a one year period. Through the introduction of a carefully designed speech program aimed at developing articulation, we are able to advance children into a more focused system of study, utilizing curricula familiar to GGIS's regular classes. It is our desire to build a sure foundation of the English language while developing a sense of accomplishment in each individual. Children can succeed beyond their expectations. Thanks to our strict "English Only" (or Total Immersion) Policy and our effective EAL program parents are surprised at how fast their children develop their English skills.

It is good feeling to know that in this misfortune, caused by the terrible disaster, we have many friends and helpful people we may count with.

Sapartini S. Kuntjoro-Kajti

Ambassador Republic of Indonesia

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