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Physical Education and Interscholastic Athletics


The physical body and the mind, attitude and spirit are vitally connected. God has created each one of us with a fundamental need for recreation, exercise and physical excursion. A healthy and active body enhances performance in other areas of life including academics.

The GGIS Physical Education program

Each GGIS student participates in a physical education program as part of his/her weekly schedule. In addition to field sports the elementary program includes swimming. Students learn and play many team sports. They also develop personal physical training techniques and exercises.

Interscholastic Sports

GGIS soccer, volleyball, and basketball teams compete against other private schools. All of our students are encouraged to participate in after school athletics - the elementary Pups, middle school Cubs and the high school Lions. Interscholastic athletics is an effective way to train students in aspects of life that cannot be addressed in the classroom. Beside promoting a healthy and strong physical body team athletics provide our young people with an opportunity to learn to overcome difficulties, support and encourage one another and be a team player. Team sports develop important life skills such as leadership, selflessness and sacrifice in the context of a fun and healthy activity.

GGIS is a proud member of Danube Valley Athletics Conference.

In summary, I consider it a very special privilege to have attended an institution of the quality, on all levels, of GGIS!

Janos Barbero

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